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The T&D Museum Tour and Residency End

Our Museum Residency at David Livingstone Birthplace has come to an end!

Over the last 10 months our group of volunteers have been taking part in monthly heritage skills workshops, where museum professionals introduced them to a range of roles in the sector, such as collections care, object handling, and visitor services. Through a tailored programme the residency aims to support our group of volunteers to build transferable skills, see themselves within heritage stories, collections and spaces, and increase their knowledge of opportunities in the Scottish heritage sector.

Our group also developed skills in mindfulness, confidence building, storytelling, and personal development. As a team they worked together to create a T&D tour of the museum, which they researched, wrote, rehearsed and delivered to a public audience in October.

The tour wove together the volunteers’ personal reflections and responses, memories of their home countries and cultures, and questions about the way the museum presents David Livingstone’s life and legacy. Through gaining confidence in exploring and voicing their own stories, our volunteers were empowered to challenge the stories told about Livingstone and consider whose stories had been left out of this narrative. Highlighting the stories of Mary Moffat Livingstone, James Chuma, Abdullah Susi and Chief Sechele.

Here is short film made by Stella Rooney, documenting our volunteers' journeys in creating their museum tour.

A huge congratulations to the group for all of their hard work. We are extremely proud of their achievements and the way they have supported and empowered each other: from researching the objects, stories and people that interest them in the collection, to having the confidence and skill to share their ideas and critiques.

Thank you to the audience members that came along on the day and supported the group and thank you to our funders National Heritage Lottery Fund, for making the project happen.

"I moved to Scotland eight years ago and as I was not familiar with this country and its culture, language, heritage… I lived in isolation. I am happy to have met this group and come to know good friends by entering upon this project"   

“Thistles and Dandelions brought a sense of connection between me and the community... [I] had a lack of opportunities and information, but now I am a more confident human being” 

“By the second or third time [of visiting David Livingstone Birthplace], I got used to [thinking] of the museum ‘like my place’”  

“After joining Thistles and Dandelions, I feel more confident in communication. I explored many new places and now I can feel that I can find out other opportunities, like some courses and jobs”

During these final weeks of the project we are mentoring each individual volunteer and working on their Personal Development Charts, and hosting a closing party to celebrate their achievements! We hope to see you at Civic House on the 29th of November, keep an eye out for your invite in your emails.

We are extremely grateful for the continued support of an incredible network of organisations and individuals across Glasgow. Thank you to everyone who has supported our project and helped benefit those involved. A special thank you to the team behind this project, Fizza Kaneez, Nughmana Mirza, Lottie Whalen, Vera Hayibor, Romy Galloway and Hailey Maxwell.

Keep an eye on socials for any future updates on the project and get in touch with and


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