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SWAPWest and EWfC: A workshop on skills development

During the month of April in 2020 T&D hosted our Development Month series of workshops and talks, covering the topics of:

  • Practical skills and Advice

  • Emotional well-being and care

  • Opportunities into heritage work

  • Transferable skills

  • Confidence and resilience

With an emphasis on career progression and emotional wellbeing, the programme brought together various professionals from the heritage sector to explore career journeys, provide information and advice, with Zine-making and mindfulness workshops also exploring volunteers’ personal journals and experiences through art-based methods.

One in this series was with Erica O’Neill from SWAPWest, who facilitated a workshop titled Identify Your Skills and Build Confidence for Learning. The workshop activities were developed from SWAPWest’s MASTER project outcomes. MASTER (Measures for Adults to Support the Transition to further Education and Re-skilling opportunities) is an Erasmus+ funded project bringing together a consortium of partners with extensive experience in the field of adult education. The MASTER project’s overarching aim is to empower adults by improving their key competences, leading to better social inclusion and employability.

Working with our group of volunteers, the workshop introduced some of the key skills and competences for education and employment, and discussed next steps for returning to education. Working through a series of scenarios, this interactive workshop supported our volunteers to articulate their skills with confidence. At the end of the session, some members of our group expressed their interests in returning to education and Erica encouraged us to pursue opportunities in further education by enrolling on a SWAPWest access programme.

Thanks for your time Erica. We hope the whole programme has been helpful, and helped to give our volunteers the tools, insight and knowledge to get into the heritage sector or wherever their passions might take them!


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