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Lara Lasisi on Working in Heritage

This post is written by T&D group member Lara Lasisi on her experiences working in heritage.

Honestly, heritage projects are the most exciting type to work on, because it provides clues to our past, how our society has evolved. In particular, it gives a good examination of history and traditions, and it creates awareness about ourselves.

During the pandemic period, I joined Thistles and Dandelions in order to upskill myself as a trainee in Museum and Galleries by using digital tools to share coursework, to develop strong digital communication skills, and to attend further workshops and training to enhance my learning.

All of the workshops at T&D were all helpful but I so much appreciated 'Identify Your Skills and Build Confidence for Learning' with SWAPWest from the Development Month programme during April.

Working as a volunteer with Thistles & Dandelions has helped me achieve for myself the opportunity to work as a Visitor Experience Assistant with David Livingstone Birthplace.

In my new role my responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming visitors to the Museum exhibition and Birthplace site.

  • Operating EPOS systems and selling visitor entry tickets.

  • Acting as an advocate for the David Livingstone Birthplace.

  • Conducting Guided Tours on a variety of themes.

  • Supporting the general operational running of the David Livingstone Birthplace

I think the most important skills for working in heritage are:

  • excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • an ability to organize, present and communicate messages effectively through design

  • excellent project management and organizational skills

  • knowledge of fundraising for cultural projects

  • knowledge of working with museum databases and IT issues

  • good teamworking skills

  • excellent research and IT skills.

My advice for other women looking to get involved in heritage would be please don’t give up. The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when achieving it.

Lara Lasisi now works as Visitor Experience Assistant at David Livingstone Birthplace. We cannot thank her enough for her incredible input and engagement with our workshops and sessions. Good luck in your new role, they are lucky to have you!


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