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Iram's Biryani

Food is a favourite topic of conversation in our group! We often share meals during our workshops and have also done workshops where thinking about food as heritage is the focus: how it connects us to certain people, places, and identities.

During one workshop where we shared meaningful recipes, T&D group member Iram shared her Biryani recipe with us. Here, she speaks a little about its significance for her and shares the recipe again.

While growing up in Pakistan we would have this as the main dish at lunch with the whole family. My memories are still so fresh and clear of the fragrance of spices of my Aunt's kitchen in my grandma's home. It was a request before every visit. I remember our elders fondly speaking and we cousins all eagerly waiting for our turn. At the SCT conference it was a privilege to share my Aunt's recipe and it was a great chance to hear from others about their favourite dishes and associated fond memories. Food helps build heritage through recipies handed down from generation to generation. It brings with it the memories and moments shared with the the family and the history of how special occasions and festivals were celebrated. Food preparation is a great way to show the devotion and time our elders took to show their love and care. Living in a multicultural society such as ours food and culture like language and clothes are real important for intercultural understanding and connection. I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I enjoy it with my husband, children and friends here.

Let us know if you follow the recipe and if you would like to contribute your own to the T&D group!


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