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Announcing the T&D Museum Residency

Announcing our new programme of T&D Museum Residencies!

Building on the success and learning of the T&D project, we will be undertaking an informed and collaborative approach to the implementation of ‘Museum Residencies’. These residencies will take the form of a partnership with one heritage site over the course of several months.

In keeping with the aims of the T&D project more generally, the residency aims to support access to heritage for Black, Asian, ethnic minority and migrant women. Through a tailored programme the partnership aims to encourage such under-represented groups to see themselves within heritage stories, collections and spaces, and increase their knowledge of opportunities in the Scottish heritage sector. We believe the best way to achieve this is through long-form and reciprical dialogue with individual heritage institutions.

We will be developing workshops to get behind the scenes at the museum and inviting external facilitators and speakers from the Scotland's larger heritage sector to deliver workshops at the museum. As a group we will work towards exhibitions, tours, and creative responses to the collection.

Our hope with this programme is that over time our group of individuals have the time to become comfortable with the environment, grow their areas of interest and skills, and build confidence in using their voice within this space.

The residency will also inform the partnered heritage organisation on methods of working with marginalised community groups and how to be more accessible.

We are excited to announce our first partner is David Livingstone Birthplace! We are just about to start our first couple of workshops introducing our group to the museum. So far we have enjoyed getting an initial tour to museum and the histories held there, as well as getting to know some of the community members who have already been engaging with the museum collection through the National Museum of Scotland exchange project.

A huge thank you to artist Josie Ko for sharing her creative practice with our group. We were priviledged enough to get to participate in an artwork and can't wait to see what the final piece looks like.

We are always keen to hear from other community groups who may have undergone similar projects and structures and to share our experiences. If you would like to learn more please get in touch with

Stay tuned on our socials for updates on the residency and the workshops we do!


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